Monday, May 24, 2021

Professor Kohn Authors Two New Articles About COVID and SNFs

Professor Nina Kohn recently released two new articles. The first,  Nursing Homes, COVID-19, and the Consequences of Regulatory Failure, was published in volume 110 of  the Georgetown Law Journal. Here is the abstract

This essay explores the COVID-19 crisis in America’s nursing homes and its lessons for the future of long-term care. It challenges narratives portraying nursing homes as the unfortunate victims of COVID-19 by showing how the crisis is the foreseeable result of regulatory gaps and failures that have long enabled nursing homes to engage in systemic neglect. It then shows how regulatory approaches employed in other parts of the U.S. healthcare system could be used to create a more humane and resilient long-term care system. It concludes by considering the implications of such reforms for enhancing equity and reducing structural ageism.

The full article is available here.

The second article is an opinion piece recently published in the Washington PostCovid awakened Americans to a nursing home crisis. Now comes the hard part.

The problems in America’s nursing homes won’t go away even if we wrestle covid-19 into submission, however. The pandemic exposed long-standing problems in the nursing home industry that stem from chronic understaffing and underspending on care for residents — problems often motivated by owners who place profit-seeking above their residents’ welfare. Spurred by the covid-19 tragedies, some federal and state lawmakers have proposed (and, in some cases, passed) laws designed to improve the quality of nursing home care. It’s a promising start, but much work remains.

It's important to read anything Professor Kohn publishes. You have the links; now it is up to you!

Thanks to Professor Kohn for sending me the links to the articles.

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