Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Has Covid-19 Made Estate Planners (and, therefore, courses on estate planning) "Popular"?

I've had the same conversation lately with a number of lawyers working in estate planning or estate administration. Carlisle May 2021
 Today, while walking back from lunch downtown on an especially nice spring day in Carlisle, an attorney, a former Dickinson Law graduate, saw me and called out -- "Do you know any recent graduates looking for a job in estate planning?"  That's probably the 5th time I've been asked that question just in the last month.  

On the practical side, I'm hearing that the Covid-19 experience has made younger adults more realistic about the need for sound estate planning documents.  On a sadder note, especially in Pennsylvania counties hit hard by the virus, lawyers and their staffs are reporting being overwhelmed with the number of estate administrations needed, especially for medium-size estates, including those with assets but no written plan.

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