Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Gen Xers: Retirement is Coming!

The New York Times ran a story, Generation X, Your AARP Card Awaits.

The skateboarder, wearing a flannel shirt and black sneakers, glides a board plastered with stickers toward a kick-turn in a sun-dappled concrete bowl.

The image might seem like the embodiment of the shredding youth, but something is different. The skater looks noticeably risk-averse, wearing a full ensemble of pads and traveling at a speed not much faster than a grocery cart. With his graying hair and paternal air, he could pass for a clergyman.

Still, he’s out there, doing it. Never say that the Nirvana generation stopped rocking.

The scene is plucked from an AARP television spot to debut during Sunday’s Academy Awards telecast that targets Generation X, .... In addition to Gen Xers, the spot also features a few younger baby boomers, doing tai chi and performing TikTok dances with their children (or perhaps grandchildren). 

The article discusses various characteristics of the Xers and what it might mean as they plan for retirement.

Aging, the great equalizer!

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