Friday, February 19, 2021

SNF Staffers Explain Position on Vaccine

A  week or so ago, stories started to emerge that SNF employees were passing on the opportunity to get the COVID vaccine.  Kaiser Health News ran this article, explaining some views Vaccine Hesitancy vs. Vaccine Refusal: Nursing Home Staffers Say There’s a Difference.

The reluctance of one staffer interviewed for the article  was noted to be shared by others: "[this] hesitancy has been echoed by nursing home staff members across the state and country. But [the staffer's] reasoning — as well as that of her colleagues who also opted against the vaccine that day — goes far beyond a simple yes or no. The decision is complicated and multifaceted, they said, which means persuading them to say yes will be, too."

In reaction to the stories that SNF employees were refusing the vaccine, the article goes on to explain: "[S]ome nursing home staffers say their reluctance is being misconstrued. Most are not saying they’ll never take the vaccine, but simply that they have concerns about such a new product. They understand it went through months of clinical trials, but what about possible long-term side effects, for instance? Or how did politics play into the development process? For communities of color, their historical mistreatment by the medical system can also factor into the decision."

The article also reports on various approaches taken by SNFs to get their employees to get vaccinated.

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