Wednesday, February 10, 2021

More on Shield Laws

Periodically I will see items about businesses seeking protection against liability for injuries to others that occurred during the pandemic.   It's not just SNFs seeking protection. Here are a couple of updates on the topic.

First, a Florida-specific article, Brandes bill shielding business from coronavirus suits gets backing in Senate.

The Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday approved a proposal that would give Florida businesses that “substantially” comply with public-health guidelines broad protection from coronavirus-related lawsuits filed by customers and employees.

The bill (SB 72) would not apply to health-care providers such as hospitals, nursing homes and physicians, who have been clamoring for protections since spring. Instead, the bill would help shield other types of businesses and educational and religious institutions from claims for damages, injuries or deaths.

Then, an article from NPRWhy Nursing Homes' COVID-19 Legal Shields May Interfere With Other Cases.  Here is a summary: "[o]ver the course of the pandemic, 27 states have granted legal immunity to nursing homes. Some advocates worry this temporary reprieve is being used to hide misconduct not related to the coronavirus."  The link includes the podcast as well as a transcript.

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