Monday, February 1, 2021

Age Diversity in the President's Cabinet

Usually when I blog about ageism, it is not a story about something positive. So it's nice to see a positive take on age diversity.  How age diversity in a presidential Cabinet could affect policies and programs explains that "[h]aving so many advisers of different ages should – theoretically – bring perspectives from different age groups and better represent constituents of different ages." The section on intergenerational politics discusses whether the various generations lean conservative, moderate or liberal in their politics.

Age-based political theories are based on aggregate behaviors. They do not predict the political persuasions of an individual voter or political leader. After all, Sen. Bernie Sanders, at 79, is one of America’s most progressive senators.

Age is especially less likely to determine political allegiance among racial and ethnic minorities. These groups tend to vote more Democratic regardless of age.

Thanks to Professor Naomi Cahn for sending us the link to this article.

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