Saturday, January 16, 2021

A Tribute to a Cat

Yes, this post is about a cat. If that doesn't interest you, stop now. I promise the next blog post will be back to the news items I usually discuss.

My sister's 18 year old cat has died.  He was an old cat by any way you calculate it, but he was so much more.  This cat, like all cats, had a unique personality.  He was the king of the neighborhood (in his mind) and split his time equally inside and outside. He took no interest in birds, squirrels, or other outdoor creatures but he did take a great interest in inanimate objects.  I don't know whether he fancied himself a one-cat beautification committee, or he viewed this as bringing "gifts" to his people, but anything left in anyone's yard was fair game for him to bring home.

He most frequently-to the point of close to daily-would bring my sister a newspaper-whether from her driveway, or a neighbor's. He got so adept at bringing the papers, he could hop a fence and maneuver through the dog door without dropping the paper. Although the paper seemed to be his favorite trophy, he had previously brought in gardening gloves, small stuffed animals, and most recently a toy sword (I have no clue how he got that through the doggy door). 

Why is his passing newsworthy in my opinion? This pandemic has shown us the importance of connections, whether with each other or our pets.  Pets bring great joy to the lives of people and help stem the impact of our isolation. The antics of my sister's cat delighted her, and me.  This cat loved her and was loved by her in turn.  He had a good life. He had a purpose. He had worth. He never complained in his old age about doing his self-appointed job. He kept doing his job up to a couple of days before he died.  Isn't it wonderful to be loved , to bring joy to others, to have a purpose and be able to fulfill your purpose long through your life. I hope this story brought a smile to you.


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Thank you for this very nice story. Sometimes it's nice to stop and smell the roses.

Posted by: Cheryl Mitchell | Jan 18, 2021 10:53:16 AM

This post absolutely did bring me joy! Thank you for sharing a funny-yet-beautiful story, especially during the midst of so much heavy pandemic-related news and analysis. Also, your sister will be in my thoughts; losing a pet is never easy.

Posted by: Emily | Jan 19, 2021 6:08:39 AM

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