Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Think Before You Visit: Resuming Visitation in LTC Facilities

Now that there is some easing of restrictions on visitation with residents of LTC facilities, the National Consumer Voice for Quality Long Term Care has released two timely resources.  What to Look for and Questions to Ask as You Resume Visits in Long-Term Care Facilities includes a podcast as well as a fact sheet.  "As in-person visits resume Consumer Voice developed two new resources, as part of the Avoiding Drugs as Chemical Restraints Consumer Education Campaign, to assist families and loved ones prepare for visiting long-term care facilities for the first time in several months." The Fact Sheet, Reuniting Residents and Families What to Look for and Questions to Ask as You Resume Visits in a Long-Term Care Facility, discusses what to look for regarding the resident and the facility, what to ask (especially about what was going on when you couldn't visit) and what to do when you have questions or concerns about the resident's care. The podcast is available here.


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