Sunday, October 25, 2020

Inspirational Story of Voting

Last week I posted a blog about the ability of folks with dementia to vote. On the subject of voting, here’s a poignant story that appeared in the Washington PostOne last vote: In Michigan, a terminally ill man’s mission to cast a ballot tells the story of a terminally ill individual whose last wish was to live long enough to vote in this election. He made it to the first day of early voting, even depositing his completed ballot himself in the official drop-off box for the ballots. Slightly over a week later, he died.  After his death, it was learned that his vote didn’t count because in his state the votes, even those cast early, are not counted until election day.  His son’s words can be taken to heart: “It’s not that he thought his vote was going to change the election. He believed it was important as an example to his children and grandchildren,” he added. “The way you use your energy, particularly when you don’t have much left, that is a very true reflection of what you really care about.”

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