Wednesday, March 18, 2020

How to Stay in Touch with the Elders in Our Lives

Most all of us are practicing social distancing now and although many of us can face time friends and family, some folks just aren't that comfortable with digital communications.  Naomi Cahn and Amy Zietlow wrote this timely and helpful article, Loving Our Elderly Neighbor During the Coronavirus.

After discussing the choices each of us face about social distancing, they offer several suggestions for us:

Meeting the challenge of social distancing can take different forms personally, recreationally, socially, and religiously. Older men and women can take steps now to make sure they stay connected to loved ones and friends, perhaps electronically, and the rest of us can find ways to continue to nurture those connections by reaching out to our elderly family members and neighbors, without causing harm to others. 

Here are a few suggestions for keeping our elderly family and friends safe during this time:

1.At the individual level, elders and those in their kinship circles can create schedules to help them stay in contact with family, friends, and community. 


2. Encourage older Americans who must stay home to stay active if possible.


3. Take an inventory of the older adults in your web of relationships and identify their needs.


4.Recognize the importance of faith and religious practice to the well-being of older Americans.


5. Remember that elderly Americans may need help utilizing digital tools and navigating the online world.


6. As they move out of the public eye, we must be intentional about moving closer to older Americans through other means that do not necessarily involve physical contact.....

The entire article can be accessed here.

BTW, I haven't been ignoring the stories about Covid-19 and nursing home residents. There's just so much out there, I haven't decided where to start with it. But I hope you are staying current on that issue.

Also today, I was emailing with someone from my local AARP about whether neighborhoods should set a day/time to sit in their front yards, and talk to their neighbors in adjoining yards, just to get out and talk to folks....while maintaining the appropriate distance.

Thanks Naomi!

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Hi, your article is very good and meaningful. Thank you for sharing the knowledge you have for all of us. May God always love you

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