Monday, December 2, 2019

Elder Law Issues as Part of Candidate Platforms

Although our semester has ended, my students are still paying attention to the elder law issues in the news, including those issues that are being mentioned as part of the presidential candidates' platforms. During the semester, we talk abut news stories regarding elder law issues or elders.  We may have started with a discussion of Medicare for All, but we soon moved beyond that onto other issues.  Most recently, a student send me a link to a YouTube video about the importance of long-term care, put out by one of the Democratic candidates for President (it's important right now to state that I'm not focusing on politics or a particular candidate, but that candidates are realizing the importance of issues affecting elders in the U.S.). In this video, the 102 year old, Dorothy, has run out of money for her care. Even though it's ultimately an endorsement about a specific candidate, the points made in the video are important and are faced by so many older Americans. 

Thanks Jenna for sending this to me and good luck on your exams!

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