Monday, September 30, 2019

Special Touches in an Elder Law Practice

I'm always interested in the special touches some elder law attorneys bring to their practices, and I've written previously (not necessarily on this blog) about them. Years ago, I remember a friend and preeminent elder law attorney, Ray Parri, decided to have office pets-he was the first I'd heard to do so (really it was a long time ago).  He routinely had cats, and I know at one point he had two office cats, one named Mason and the other named Perry (if you get the reference I know your generation!).  It's not only special touches but also special events that can set elder law attorneys apart from others, IMHO.   Here's one upcoming that illustrates my point.  Our alum, Stephanie Edwards,  has an upcoming caregiver event, titled "Caregiver's Holiday Paws Pause."  With several other agencies and a local church, this event offers 3 hours of staffed respite care for for folks who have caregivers, resources for caregivers, 90 minutes to interact with adoptable animals (and maybe they will get a new home for the holidays) and a presentation by a dementia coach. I'd be interested in hearing about other unique events from elder law attorneys, so let me know!

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