Wednesday, July 31, 2019

SNF, ALF & Backup generators in Florida

So here in Florida it's pretty hot (and believe me when I say we in Florida are used to it being hot, but it's hotter). Ok, ok, just like most of the country-it's hot. Frequent readers of this blog know the stories about the Florida law requiring SNFs and ALFs to have back-up generators after Hurricane Irma. Guess what? Not all of those that are required to do so, have done so, according to a recent story. Hundreds of Tampa Bay area nursing homes, assisted living facilities still without backup power gives us some quick stats on the situation:

[M]ore than 1,000 elder care facilities across Florida still don’t have permanent generators in place to keep residents cool during power outages... [and] review of records from Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration uncovered:

  • In the Tampa Bay area, 125 nursing homes and 160 assisted living facilities don't have approved, permanent generators in place.
  • A new state law fines facilities as much as $1,000 per day for failure to install permanent generators, but records show facilities without generators rarely paid fines.
  • Many of these facilities avoided fines by receiving state-approved extensions — blaming installation delays or financial hardships.

The article discusses allowable extensions and looks at the number of facilities in Florida that have... and have not... complied.  The story includes a super-cool interactive map that allows you to click on a facility and get info about it in a pop-up box. Hurricane season started June 1 and runs through November. Here in the Tampa Bay area, it seems the tropics heat up for us around Labor Day (based on my unscientific observation of living here for decades) so let's hope we get through yet another hurricane season unscathed. But, let's also remember the folks in the Florida panhandle who got hit last year and still haven't recovered.

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