Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Movies for Our Classes?

Periodically as elder law profs, we have shared ideas for videos that we might use in our classes.  It seems to me that it's been a while since we have done that, so I thought I'd share that I used the movie UP by Pixar recently in discussing property concepts regarding people who are older. I thought the first 15-20 minutes were good illustrations of aging in place, new urbanism, ageism, ADLs, crimes, stereotyping and even land use principles. Particularly the sequence that shows the husband and wife aging together is very compelling as the entire segment has no dialogue, yet the students completely know what was going on. 

Any of you elder law profs have movies you use in your classes?

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I've use the elder abuse documentary "I'd Rather Be Home" by Terra Nova Video several times. Terra Nova has a whole range of good videos. See

Posted by: Charlie Sabatino | Oct 31, 2018 7:41:51 AM

One of my students shared the PBS segment on guns and dementia. It was a great conversation starter!

Posted by: Margot Parrot | Nov 1, 2018 6:28:45 AM

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