Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Looking for a Grant to Support Law and Aging Research? Borchard Foundation Timeline

Research Programs Coordinator Catheryn Koss at the Borchard Foundation Center on Law and Aging sent information about research grants available from her foundation:  

Legal, health sciences, social sciences, and gerontology scholars and professionals are invited to submit research proposals to The Borchard Foundation Center on Law & Aging. The objectives of the Academic Research Grants Program are to further research and scholarship about new or improved public policies, laws, and/or programs that will enhance the quality of life for the elderly, including those who are poor or otherwise isolated by lack of education, language, culture, disability, or other barriers.


Up to four grants of a maximum of $20,000 each will be awarded. The Center expects grantees to meet the objectives of the grant program through individual or collaborative research projects that analyze and recommend changes in one or more important existing public policies, laws, and/or programs relating to the elderly; or, anticipate the need for and recommend new public policies, laws, and/or programs for the elderly necessitated by changes in the number and demographics of the country’s and the world’s elderly populations, by advances in science and technology, by changes in the health care system, or by other developments. It is expected that the research product will be publishable in a first-rate journal.


A detailed Request For Proposals is attached to this email and can be accessed on the Center’s website, The on-line application form will be available after September 15, 2018. Applications should be submitted no later than October 15, 2018. Selections will be made on or about December 15, 2018. For more information, contact Catheryn Koss,

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