Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Thank you Professor Frolik

Professor Larry Frolik is a rock star, plain and simple. If you ask anyone about the development of elder law, especially in law schools, Professor Frolik's is the first name coming to mind. His contributions to the field are immense and so important.  I was saddened to learn in the spring semester that he was retiring at the end of said semester. Serious bummer. But, good news arrived in the form of an email from him late last week. Although he's retired, he reported that he will keep his office at the College of Law at U. Pitt and also his email address. I suspect he'll continue to be involved in the field and for that possibility, I am extremely grateful. Join me by sending Professor Emeritus Frolik an email thanking him for all of his guidance, leadership and contributions to getting the field,and all of us academics, to where we are today!  Thank you Professor Frolik!!!


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