The Maine Secretary of State’s Office released on Monday [June 25] the language of a November ballot initiative that would raise taxes on wealthier Mainers to pay for home care for the elderly and disabled.


Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap said in a press release said that the final wording of the question on an act that would establish universal home care for seniors and persons with disabilities was based on feedback from the public, who had until June 15 to offer comments.


Dunlap said the initiative proposed by the Maine People’s Alliance will read as follows:
“Do you want to create the Universal Home Care Program to provide home-based assistance to people with disabilities and senior citizens, regardless of income, funded by a new 3.8 percent tax on individuals and families with Maine wage and adjusted gross income above the amount subject to Social Security taxes, which is $128,400 in 2018?”
For more details, including what opposition groups are saying about the initiative, see Here's How Maine's Ballot Question on University Home Care Will Read.