Tuesday, May 15, 2018

"Living Apart, Together"

Kaiser Health News ran an interesting story about couples, committed to each other, but living apart, noting that experts have named this as "living apart together." Living Apart Together: A New Option for Older Adults explains about older couples who are seriously committed to each other, spend a lot of time together, including romantic time, but do not live together.  This is described as “a new, emerging form of family, especially among older adults, that’s on the rise,” said Laura Funk, an associate professor of sociology at the University of Manitoba in Canada who’s written about living apart together."  There are several studies examining the frequency, scope and effect of these types of relationships (shortened to LATs).  A number of reasons are given as to why these couples choose to not live together but wanted a companion, including those who seek “intimate companionship” while maintaining their own homes, social circles, customary activities and finances ...." As well, those who had been caregivers, or had a bad marriage or a marriage ending in divorce seem to prefer to not live together. The article offers some fascinating anecdotes.



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