Monday, December 29, 2014

College Broadcast Student's Media Project Focuses on Filial Laws

Christopher Robb is in his final year at Westminster College in Pennsylvania and for his senior Media project he tackled "filial laws."  His impressive work included researching the history of such laws and studying recent court cases in Pennsylvania.  He interviewed and filmed a host of individuals from across the state who have experience with recent trends in use of filial support laws by nursing homes to seek payment from adult children for bills not satisfied by the resident's resources, insurance or Medicaid.  Chris Robb's resulting 15 minute video is titled, "Am I My Mother's Keeper?"  Thank you for sharing it with the Elder Law Prof Blog!

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I wonder if the states with filial support laws would be willing to pursue support from an adult child who is a resident of another state? I wonder if that interstate reach could be made stronger if the adult child resides in a state with its own filial support laws? In other words, as an example, let’s say an elderly Pennsylvania resident has an adult child residing in North Carolina and another in Missouri. NC has filial support laws; MO does not. Would the state of PA attempt to sue both adult offspring? Or, would the expense of such a suit yield better results if only the North Carolina resident was sought for the support?

Posted by: Jennifer Young | Dec 29, 2014 7:33:22 AM

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