Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Interprofessional Educational Initiatives "Spreading Like Wildfire"

Dr. Peter Beurhaus from Vanderbuilt University uses a question and answer format with colleagues at his university to explain how Vanderbilt's Program in Interprofessional Learning (VPIL), established in 2010, has involved "challenges, successes and surprises" for participants. The dialogue, published in Health Affairs Blog, emphasizes key points, including:

  • "Initially, we thought only of nursing and medicine but the more we examined the clinical situation, the more we realized that other health care providers were integral. So we looked at adding pharmacy and then social work. The challenge was to identify the place in the curriculum where our health professions students and interprofessional education would best fit."
  • "The notion of having one program that would meet requirements for four very different professions was quite challenging."
  • "Faculty representing each of the four health professions had to become liaisons between VPIL and their home professional school. Their work included negotiating the alignment of the home school’s goals, objectives, competencies, credit requirements, etc. with the innovative vision of an IPE curriculum in order to eliminate the 'add on' effect for the program. They had to be creative when identifying where a VPIL experience could be substitutive and simultaneously nurture their own role as part of the interprofessional faculty team charged with creating a meaningful educational program that met IPE goals."
  • "We intentionally partnered with people who had the same level of commitment that we did, and were conscious not to let extraneous things get in the way."

For more, see "Spreading Like Wildfire: Interprofessional Education - The Vanderbilt Experience."

 Along a similar line of interprofessional programming, see the commentary on "Interprofessional Education for Future Physicians: Including Legal Competencies," by Amy T. Campbell and our long-time friend Marshall Kapp. 

Hat tip to Delaware health law attorney Jennifer Davis-Oliva for sending links to both of these commentaries.

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