Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Retired and Retrained

Stanford has launched a new program to "retrain" retired individuals.  Governing ran a story, Stanford University Has a New Program, for Retired People, about this initiative on April 4, 2014, describing the targeted students as "proven leaders, with 20 to 30 years of work experience, seeking to reinvent their futures."  The project is a pilot at this point, giving the students the chance to "commit to new and meaningful projects."  The "Distinguished Careers Institute," a year-long program, will take "20 high achievers and place them in one of the most elite educational environments in the world to swap experiences and insights with their generations younger classmates." The class starts in January of 2015, and applications are now being accepted for those "with 20- to 30-year histories of significant career achievement who are ready to explore new professional trajectories...." One of the perks allows the students to "audit any of the university's hundreds of academic offerings, take part in think tanks and seminars, and meet regularly with faculty and students."


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