Sunday, April 6, 2014

Ann Randolph Explores Sex, Aging, Parents ... and National Parks at Arena Stage

Loveland Play at Arena StageI was in Washington D.C. over the weekend and stopped by one of my favorite theaters, the Arena Stage.  I was hoping to get a ticket for the much talked about play Camp David, but I'm happy to report it was sold out and instead I saw a play I knew nothing about.

Ann Randolph's play, Loveland, is "outrageous." But before you make assumptions, let me suggest the multiple ways the word applies. Loveland includes outrageously funny moments, justifiably outraged anger, and rage-worn poignancy.  You are laughing one minute, and wiping away a tear in the next. And Randolph, the playwright and actress, manages to pull all of this off while seated on the north side of an airplane flying east, a spot chosen so that she can have the best views of our National Parks ... and remain close to her mother's ashes.  

It is a one woman play -- but not a one character play.  The articulation and pacing of the 75 minute show are brilliant.  I guarantee you will join in (even if you feel very guilty for doing so) when she teaches you the latest tune for sing-alongs at your parent's nursing home. 

Hurry to see it, especially if you want to catch the play in D.C., as Loveland is booked for just one more week at the Arena Stage's newest and most intimate venue, the Kogod Cradle.

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