Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Family Court & Medicaid: Does It Have a Role in Allocating Income Between Community Spouse and Nursing Home?

In R.S. v. Division of Medical Assistance & Health Services, released for publication by the Appellate Division of the Superior Court of New Jersey on January 23, the state's Medicaid agency successfully argued that a Family Court order allocating the institutionalized spouse's income to support for the community spouse was not binding on the agency in determining the Community Spouse Monthly Income Allowance (CSMIA). Thus, in the case before the court, the community spouse who had an annual salary of $22,659 was limited to the CSMIA calculation of $1,514 per month as support from her institutionalized husband, rather than the Family Court's order of $3,460 per month.

The appellate court ruling appears to be strongly influenced by facts suggesting the Family Court award, which was not opposed by the husband, was the result of Medicaid planning advice, rather than a fact-based determination of spousal support among separated or divorcing spouses.  The appellate decision begins by noting the court is "asked once again to address 'the continuing tension between the State's effort to conserve Medicaid resources for the truly needy and the legal ability of institutionalized Medicaid recipients to shelter income for the benefit of their non-institutionalized spouses,'" quoting a previous New Jersey opinion in 2005. 

Despite statutory grounds under Medicaid law to "protect" community spouses against "impoverishment" when their husband or wife goes into a nursing home, this ruling permits state calculations of Medicaid allowances to control just how much (or rather, how little) "protection" is available, at least where the allocation occurs at or near the time of nursing home admission.

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