Thursday, June 9, 2011

AALS Aging and the Law Listserv June 7, 2011

MEMBER NEWS: Associate Professor Nina Kohn (Syracuse University College of Law) has recently published an article entitled The Lawyer’s Role in Fostering an Elder Rights Movement, in the William Mitchell Law Review, Vol. 37 – available at:

Listserv articles:

1.          Our Irrational Fear of Forgetting:


2.          Boomer Bust 2011: Still Unprepared and Unaware:

3.          When Demented Patients Receive Feeding Tubes:

4.          Medicare Becomes Political Hot Potato:

5.          Memo To GOP: Cutting Medicaid Is Unpopular, Too:

6.          Squandering Medicare's Money:

7.          Elderly Drivers Fail a Test:

8.          My Solution to the Driving Problem: Vandalism:

9.          Book Review: You're Looking Very Well by Lewis Wolpert:

10.     World: Social Protection: From Handouts to Social Justice:

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