Sunday, April 10, 2011

Two symposium issues take on elder law

Teaching Elder Law

Stetson Law Law Review, Volume 40, Number 1, Fal 2010

    Rebecca C. Morgan
Elder Law as Proactive Planning and Informed Empowerment during Extended Life
    Richard L. Kaplan
Everything You Ever Needed to Know about Good Lawyering, You Can Learn from Elder Law
    Linda S. Whitton
The Accidental Elder Law Professor
    Kim Dayton
Ethics and Elder Law: Teaching Students to Ask the Right Questions
    Roberta K. Flowers
The Human Touch: Clinical Teaching of Elder Law
    Kate Mewhinney
The Lesson of the Irish Family Pub: The Elder Law Clinic Path to a More Thoughtful Practice
    Katherine C. Pearson
Teaching Elder Law at the University of Hawaii—Integrating Health Law and Cultural Issues
    James H. Pietsch
My Approach to Teaching Elder Law
    Craig C. Reaves
A Values Approach to Teaching Elder Law
    Charles P. Sabatino

The Future of Elder Law

William Mitchell Law Review, Vol. 37, Issue 1, Fall 2010

Rebecca C. Morgan
The Future of Elder Law Practice©

Nina A. Kohn
The Lawyer’s Role in Fostering an Elder Rights Movement

Dr. Israel (Issi) Doron
Municipal Elder Law: An Exercise in Legal Futurism

Marshall B. Kapp
Older Clients with Questionable Legal Competence: Elder Law Practitioners and Treating Physicians

Kathryn Tucker
Elder Law: Counseling Clients Who Are Terminally Ill

Alfred J. Chiplin, Jr., Christine Fung, and Gilly Knox
Medicare Coverage of Power Mobility Devices: Tips and Reminders

Kristina Ebbott
A “Good Death” Defined by Law: Comparing the Legality of Aid-in-Dying Around the World

Robert A. Mead
Unpublished Opinions and Citation Prohibitions: Judicial Muddling of California’s Developing Law of Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse Committed by Health Care Providers                   

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