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Elder mediation trainings proliferate....

I've received notices of a number of upcoming elder mediation trainings around the country. These include trainings in Ann Arbor, Chicago, and  San Antonio Here's the scoop:


The Center for Social Gerontology presents its  Adult Guardianship / Family Caregiver  Mediation  Training  October 1-3, 2009


The early bird registration rate for The Center for Social  Gerontology (TCSG)¹s Adult Guardianship / Family Caregiver Mediation Training, to be held  this year from Thursday, October 1 - Saturday, October 3, 2009 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is fast approaching on September 1, 2009!

This three-day advanced training is designed for trained, experienced  mediators who wish to expand their practice to include mediation of issues  or disputes that arise when guardianship over an adult is being considered,  and/or when  elders and their families are confronted with extremely  difficult decisions regarding the care of a vulnerable family member which
can easily lead to family conflict. The training curriculum will address issues such  as:
  Mediation Preparation and  Process
  Referral, Intake & Screening
  Appropriate/Inappropriate Cases
  Ability of Parties to Mediate
  Role of Attorneys and Other Advocates
  Generating Options
  Identifying Common Issues
  Mediation Skills & Techniques
  Family  Dynamics
  Ethical  Issues
  Ensuring that the Older/Vulnerable  Person Has a Voice
  Protecting Respondent Rights in  Guardianship/Caregiver Cases
  Elder Abuse
  Guardianship Law & Practice and  Alternatives to Guardianship
  Working with Older/Vulnerable  Persons Likely to be Involved in These Cases
  Setting Up and  Operating a Quality Guardianship/Caregiver Mediatio Program. 

Registration Form and Payment

Due September 1, 2009: Please go to to download an
interactive Registration Form.

For questions or more information, please contact me:
Brooke McCreary, TCSG Program Assistant
2307 Shelby Avenue
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103
Phone: (734) 665-1126


2009 Adult Guardianship / Family Caregiver Mediation Training Site:


2-Day Advanced Training in Elder Mediation: Adult Guardianship and 
Family Caregiver Mediation,   Dec 1 - 2, 2009 Chicago – Center for Conflict Resolution.  For 
registration and more information:

Learn the differences between other types of mediation and elder  mediation; inclusion of the older person's voice in the mediation and  techniques to achieve that; multiparty mediation; family dynamics;  legal issues; and more! At the conclusion of the training, you will be 
prepared to organize and perform elder mediations.

This 2-day training covers the following topics:

Differences between elder mediation and other types of mediation;
guardianship/conservatorship law and practice;
Capacity and disability issues;
Legal red flags;
Elder abuse;
Confidentiality issues;
Multiparty mediation and family dynamics;
Deciding who should be present at the mediation
Working with attorneys, court representatives, GAL's and institutional  representatives;
Role of community resources, support persons, advocates, and surrogates in mediation;
Ethical standards for elder mediators;
Mental and physical effects of aging, disabilities, and accommodation  in mediation;
Societal and participant bias, family and cultural attitudes, and  their impact on the mediation process;
Pre-mediation interviews and screening for appropriateness of mediation;
Marketing an elder mediation practice;
Demonstration, video and practice


Trainers for the elder mediation courses are Susan Butterwick, J.D.  and Zena Zumeta, J.D., experienced mediators and trainers in family  and elder issues with practices located in Michigan and a national  training base. They have presented at major national mediation 
conferences and given training programs in Elder Mediation from North  Carolina to Alaska. Susan is a member of the National Elder Mediation  Training Committee, currently engaged in developing standards for  elder mediation training. Zena is a former President of the Academy of  Family Mediators and the Family Section Council for ACR.

The cost is $425. Discounted rate of $395.00 if registration received  prior to November 1, 2009. MCLE credits applied for. There will be an  additional $15 charge for MCLE credits. Social Work CEU’s available. To register for the December 1-2, 2009 training in Chicago, go to Questions or to host a training in your area, contact


Elder Mediation in San Antonio, Texas!  Don't miss the early bird special on
the Elder Mediation training on September 10th and 11th!   Social Workers: 18 total hours of CEUs which includes 3 hours of ethics. Texas Guardians: 20 hours approved CEU with 3 hours of ethics

        Manousso Mediation is teaming up with Conflict Connections in San  Antonio, Texas, to present this program.  Together, Barbara Manousso and Patti Porter, Texas Credentialed Distinguished Mediators, will train  mediators, judges, attorneys, and geriatric professionals in methods of  conflict coaching and resolution for elder mediations.  Guest lecturers  include K.T. Whitehead, Certified Elder Law Attorney, and Byron Cordes,  Geriatric Case Manager.

Continuing education credits will be available for social workers and  certified guardians. 

This elder care mediation course will help social workers, geriatric  workers, psychologists, attorneys, and nursing home administrators learn how  to deal with conflicts that affect the lives of seniors and their families.  Course material covers ethics, guardianship, elder law, and mediation  skills.  This growing field of elder mediation has developed a strong  national network, so expand your practice and skill base with the 20 hours  of training in San Antonio, starting on September 10th until 11th.  Classes  meet from 8 AM until 6:30 PM.  After
August 15th, registration will be $495.  The registration fee includes  breakfast, lunch, mid-morning and afternoon snacks, and notebooks with  contents.  For more information or to register, go to .   Or call Barbara Manousso
at 713.840.0828.

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