Monday, August 3, 2009

Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) has forms a new Section on Elder Decision-Making and Conflict Resolution

The Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) has formed a new Section on Elder Decision-Making and Conflict Resolution.  The creation of the Section on Elder Decision-Making and Conflict Resolution was unanimously approved by the ACR Board of Directors at its July Board meeting.

The mission of the Section is to advance the development, provision, and use of high quality facilitated conflict resolution and decision-making services by older persons, their families, public and private service providers and others in response to the myriad of issues that may come with aging. These matters may include, but are not limited to: caregiving, estate planning and estate administration, inheritance disputes, guardianship decisions and alternatives, health care, housing, insurance, end-of-life planning and decision-making. They may also involve issues related to consumer matters, neighbor conflicts, and other matters not particular to older persons, but that may require appropriate accommodations when an older person is involved. 

The Section will work to foster professional standards, ethics, training standards and practice to promote the maximum effective participation of all persons to achieve informed self-determination regardless of possible age-related or other limitations of involved parties. It also will work to address the potential of ageism or age discrimination by any person (including the practitioner, participants, and others) in the provision of such conflict resolution and decision-making services.

"The formation of this Section demonstrates ACR's interest in responding to new areas of practice," says ACR President James A. Rosenstein. "The need for a home for specialists in elder conflict resolution became clear to me recently when I received elder mediation training. I learned there the additional expertise required for even experienced mediators to be effective in helping to resolve conflicts in which elderly persons are either parties or their interests or rights would be affected by its resolution." 

Rosenstein announced that the Section leaders will be Arline Kardasis (, Carolyn J. Rodis (, and Robert J. Rhudy (

A Section meeting is being planned for the ACR Annual Conference in Atlanta, October 7 - 10, 2009. Watch for details in the August ACR Update. 

To join this new Section, please go to Member Center and log in. On the left sidebar, click on the link "Add a Section," and check off "Elder Decision-Making and Conflict Resolution Section." Alternatively, you may call the Member Concierge Center at 202-464-9700, press option 2, and the Membership concierge will help you. Questions also may be e-mailed to 
Special note: Watch for the Summer issue of ACResolution. The theme is New Perspectives on Elder Mediation: Evolving Ethics and Best Practices.

For those who are not already members of ACR:
You can join online at through the secure server or call ACR staff at 202-464-9700 for assistance.

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