Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Coalition seeks input on Medicaid waivers for AD and dementia

Via the Eldebar listserv:

A grass roots effort has begun in California around the issue of Alzheimer's Disease (AD) and Dementia's not being covered by Medi-Cal due to a carve out from a Waiver and therefore not considered a mental health condition.  This effort has drawn together professionals from all fields associated with this issue; mental health, Alzheimer's Assn, Universities, Department of Aging and the list continues to grow as more people find out about this effort. Our objective is to look at best practices in States where people with Alzheimer’s disease are able to be served through Medicaid when psychiatric or Mental Health services are needed in addition to their medical care.  We are thinking particularly of people who become extremely agitated, anxious or aggressive, and may need more than usual help with combining/dosing and orchestrating psychotropic medications, or even allowing for short term, in-patient medication management in a psychiatric setting.  Are there states where they are successfully paying for and providing this type of crossover care for people who already have a diagnosis of AD, and are not dual diagnosis?

Send your responses directly to Shirley Krohn, Senior Assembly Member, California Senior Legislature at skrohn9520@aol.com   



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