Monday, February 4, 2008

Review of "The Sea Inside"

Gerilaw maven Robert Fleming has posted a great review of the 2004 Spanish film "The Sea Inside".  Here's an excerpt:

No matter how you feel about the "death with dignity" movement, or assisted suicide, I think you will be moved by the story of Ramón Sampedro. Rendered a quadraplegic by a diving accident 26 years ago, at the beginning of the movie he is trying to persuade Spanish legal authorities that he should be allowed to end his own life. Since he is unable to move or control any part of his body below his neck, he is going to need assistance from someone if he is to take that final step.

Here's the "wow" part: the movie is clearly about Ramón's wishes and his legal struggle, but it is also about love, life, birth, redemption, family and faith. Though it is sympathetic to Ramón's cause, the movie also recognizes the complexity and moral, legal and ethical difficulties of his position. His older brother, for example, is movingly portrayed in his opposition to Ramón's quest, both because he views it as morally wrong and because he does not want to lose Ramón.

Read the rest of Robert's review (how's that for alliteration) at

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