Saturday, February 9, 2008

Organ transplant scam doctor arrested, deported

A doctor accused of organising illegal organ transplants in India has been deported following his arrest in Nepal.  Amit Kumar was detained late on Thursday, accused of heading an illegal kidney transplant ring in Gurgaon, a wealthy suburb of New Delhi.  Police said they were investigating whether Mr Kumar was involved in illegal transplants in Nepal, and that he had been trying to flee to Canada.  Mr Kumar has denied the accusations of illegal practices.  "I have not committed any crime," he said at a news conference in Kathmandu on Friday.  India bans trade in live kidneys unless the organ is donated by a blood relative or a spouse, or if two families agree a swap.  But many continue to sell their kidneys to satisfy demand from rich clients, including Westerners, waiting for transplants.

Source/more:  BBC,

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