Saturday, February 9, 2008

Mass. gov. wants to impose restrictive tests on senior drivers

Gov. Deval Patrick, whose mother, Emily, used Milton’s senior citizen vans to get around in her later years, says older drivers should be tested to prove they can still handle a car safely.  Patrick, however, says he isn’t sure at what age drivers need to be tested and what they should to be tested for.  His comments come in the wake of a terrible accident in Randolph on Tuesday in which an SUV driven by 86-year-old William Geisler struck an 8-year-old girl in front of the Lyons Elementary School, where she is a student. The girl was listed in fair condition today at Boston Medical Center with a fractured skull, a broken leg and internal injuries.  Currently, Massachusetts drivers of all ages are required to pass a vision test every 10 years as part of the license-renewal process. But there are no special requirements for older drivers, as there are in most other states.  State Sen. Brian A. Joyce, whose district includes Randolph, this week renewed this week to impose requirements on older drivers. His proposal - to require drivers 85 and older to pass a vision and road test every five years to keep their licenses - has remained in committee in the two years since he first filed it.


Ed:  FACT:   Teenage drivers are far more likely to cause fatal accidents than elderly drivers.   62% of all teens killed in auto accidents are killed in accidents caused by other teens.  If the goal of driving restrictions is to save lives, why not prohibit teen driving altogether?? Or impose greater restriction on teens, as well as elders?  See

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