Monday, February 11, 2008

CA sues to revoke assisted living facility license

The California Department of Social Services has filed a lawsuit to revoke the license of Paragon Gardens, an assisted living facility managed by the Oregon-based Sunwest Management, and to exclude some of the company’s executives from providing care and services to residents of any facility licensed by the Department.  The state’s “more horrific allegations are that a dementia client left the facility unnoticed and was never found, that staff members slept during their shift, that the facility was infested with mice who left dropping in the client’s food and that staff did not understand the meaning of incontinent care and were unable to provide such care.”  Among other deficiencies the State cited insufficient staff in June 2005, November 2005, January 2006, June 2006, and August 2006.  Sunwest Management is one of the largest managers of residential care facilities in the United States, with about 150 facilities in 35 states, including 15 in California.  A private class action lawsuit has also been filed against the management company. 

Source/more: Assisted Living Consumer Alliance,

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