Thursday, January 24, 2008

UK: Panel report says dementia treatment should be NHS priority

Dementia must be viewed as an urgent priority after years of woeful neglect by the NHS, says the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee (PAC). The disease deserves the same attention accorded to cancer and heart disease, given that so many of us are now set to develop the condition, the MPs said. They compared it to cancer in the 1950s, when fear and mystery surrounded a disease seen as untreatable. Just over 500,000 people in England suffer from dementia. The report from the cross-party committee, which scrutinises public spending , follows one from the National Audit Office which said England lagged behind Europe when it came to diagnosis and access to drugs. The panel, which is led by a Tory MP, says the Department of Health has not given the disease the attention it deserves and so the NHS has failed to deliver on both fronts.

Source/more:  BBC

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