Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Report says 19 deaths at Illinois VA hospital due to substandard care

Nineteen deaths at the VA Medical Center in Marion, IL were linked to surgical errors or substandard care - a total nearly doubling earlier estimates of 10 patient deaths - in a report made public Monday from an investigation into the medical center's surgical unit.   Of 29 deaths that occurred at the Marion facility during Fiscal Year 2007, the Inspector General's Office of Healthcare Inspections reported that 19 deaths were either the result of surgical error or because patients had received less-than-optimum care. Six physicians have been linked to patient care problems, with two resigning their duties and the remaining four prohibited from performing complex surgeries.  Congressman Jerry Costello described Monday's report as "shocking."   "First and foremost, the families of the (additional) nine veterans who have died due to substandard care need to be notified. The report must be released to the public immediately. Changes must also be made in the management structure of the facility."   Costello said it appears to him that Marion officials made "poor" management decisions and ignored procedures that were already in place.

Source/more:  http://www.southernillinoisan.com/articles/2008/01/29/front_page/doc479faed1ba5f1044656342.txt

Get the full report from the VA.


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