Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Center for Medicare Advocacy: President Punts Medicare...

The President punted on Medicare in his State of the Union address, lumping together Medicare with Medicaid and Social Security and telling Congress to fix them.    The Center for Medicare Advocacy works on behalf of Medicare beneficiaries to ensure they get the health care they need. "We are happy to take up the President's challenge," says Judith Stein, Executive Director of the Center for Medicare Advocacy. "The way to support traditional Medicare and end billions of dollars in unnecessary government spending is to cut the $150 billion subsidies being paid to private Medicare plans. This windfall to private corporations undermines traditional Medicare, threatens its future, and burdens taxpayers," says Stein.  "Instead of giving $150 billion to corporations, give it back to taxpayers,"  Stein states.  "If the President's challenge is real, the answer is clear.  Stop pretending privatizing Medicare saves money and offers better care. Cut this 'earmark' to private insurance companies. This will sustain Medicare, and help the economy."  "Congress and the President should support traditional Medicare, says Stein. "It is a proven, cost-effective way to provide access to health care for older people and people with disabilities."  "In fact," Stein continues, "traditional Medicare is a model for a fair, uniform, and cost-effective health insurance program."
Judith Stein is available for comment.


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