Wednesday, December 5, 2007

CREW sends letter warning about bias of allegedly neutral "Center for LTC Reform"

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) has sent letters to two national organizations, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners and the National Association of State Medicaid Directors, concerning Stephen Moses and the Center for Long-Term Care Reform and his planned “National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour.” Moses has spent the past decade posing as an independent expert from a respected think tank that analyzes the need for long-term care insurance, but is in fact serving as a front for the long-term care insurance industry.  According to his website, Mr. Moses has testified as an independent expert on long-term care before two-thirds of the nation’s state legislatures. He has been quoted in stories around the country and has been actively working to create legislation to benefit the industry in states including Kansas and Texas.

Mr. Moses is not, however, actually independent. When he launched the Center for Long-Term Care Reform in 1998, he began actively soliciting the industry for contributions, stating “The long-term care insurance industry -- and LTC providers whose financial survival depends on the growth of private financing -- must take steps to encourage private sector solutions. The Center for Long-Term Financing is uniquely positioned to promote this effort." He also boasted, "the Center increases long-term care insurance sales remarkably" and he has touted his appearance as an impartial expert claiming, "our established credibility as an independent third-party voice allows us to perform in essential roles that no one else can fill for reasons of perceived bias and self-interest."

In January 2008, Mr. Moses will begin a “National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour.” The tour first focuses on the southeast, then moves to southwestern states, followed by the northeast, the midwest and finally the west coast. Details of the tour are available at Mr. Moses has been soliciting corporate and organizational sponsorships to help him make the tour profitable. Part of the purpose of the tour is to make “political contacts with Governors, state legislators, city council members, Congressional representatives, state Insurance Commissioners, Medicaid directors and their staffs toward the end of improving long-term care public policy.” 

By “improving long-term care public policy,” Mr. Moses really means working to increase the number of people purchasing of long-term care insurance. Mr. Moses has blamed government funding of Medicaid for the fact that the long-term care insurance market is not expanding as rapidly as insurers would like.

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