Friday, October 26, 2007

S. Mississippi groups advocate for elderly and disabled Katrina victims

Dean Stevenson, who lives on a $910 a month medical pension from the military, rented a Biloxi apartment before Hurricane Katrina for $380 a month.  Today the 60-year-old lives in a FEMA trailer with no prospect for an apartment he can afford at post-Katrina rates.  Coast advocates for the elderly and disabled held a news conference Thursday to shed light on the plight of those on fixed incomes, thousands of whom are stuck in FEMA trailers with no hope in sight.  "Housing continues to be an issue and will continue to be because there is nothing available now," said Talatha Denison of the nonprofit Mississippi Protection and Advocacy Program.  The groups say only 25 percent of $5.4 billion the federal government allotted for recovery in Mississippi is being spent on low-income residents. The number of rental units planned for residents on limited incomes falls woefully short of the 13,800 FEMA estimates were destroyed by Katrina.

Source/more:  Gulfport Sun-Herald,

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