Wednesday, October 31, 2007

NALSD announced the creation of Elder Rights Advocacy Hall of Fame.

The National Association of Legal Services Developers (NALSD) announced the creation of an Elder Rights Advocacy Hall of Fame.  The announcement came during an association meeting on October 12, 2007, during the National Aging and Law Conference held in Arlington, Virginia.

Bill Graham (LSD-NY) announced the creation of the Hall of Fame on behalf of NALSD.  He said the Hall was created using funds donated to NALSD to recognize the advocacy efforts of the late Richard Ingham (LSD-OK).  Creating an Elder Rights Advocacy Hall of Fame is a fitting way to recognize those efforts.

“Richard said he wanted to be known as someone who understood advocacy,” explained Graham who was speaking on behalf of NALSD.   “He supported the advocacy efforts of others, especially where the rights of Older Americans were concerned.  Advocacy was ‘first nature’ to Richard.  When he believed his cause was right, he simply would not take "No" for an answer or an excuse.”

The 2007 Class of Inductees, listed below, were recognized for their lifetime achievements:

Richard Ingham (LSD-OK) for his commitment to championing the rights of Older Oklahomans.

Natalie Thomas (LSD-GA) for her significant contributions to justice for older persons in Georgia.

Eleanor Crosby Lanier (AARP) for advancing elder rights at the state and national level.

Deanna Clingan-Fischer (LSD-IA) for creating a strong legal services delivery system in Iowa.

Penelope Hommel & James Bergman (TCSG) for their support and assistance in advancing the creation of legal services delivery systems in all states through The Center for Social Gerontology, Inc.

Deanna Clingan-Fischer was also the recipient of the National Aging & Law Award presented during the National Aging and Law Conference.

NALSD will soon be calling for nominations for the 2008 Class of Inductees.  Details will be provided at a future date but Nominees will not be limited to Legal Services Developers or Legal Services Providers.
Nominations also will not be limited only to lifetime advocates.  A nomination may be based on a single significant event or series of events.

For more information on the NALSD Elder Rights Advocacy Hall of Fame, or to contribute to the Richard Ingham Fund, please contact Bill Graham
(LSD-NY) at 518-474-0609 or by e-mail at

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