Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Midwest Pension Rights Project loses funding

After 1After four years of helping people track down "lost" pensions, the Midwest Pension Rights Project is in danger of shutting down.  The project, housed in the Women's Support and Community Services building on Hampton Avenue in St. Louis, serves people in five states, including Missouri and Illinois. Since October 1993, it has helped find pensions worth $12.5 million for more than 2,600 people, recovering $11.94 for every $1 in federal money it has received since October 1993.  But late last month, the project received word that its federal grant wasn't being renewed. The grant provided three-fourths of the budget for offices here and in Chicago, said Suzanne Lagomarcino, the project's manager and executive director of OWL, the Voice of Midlife and Older Women.   Lagomarcino said the project hasn't received a good explanation of why the $157,000 grant request was turned down, although she had been told in August that the U.S. Administration on ­Aging would approve just five of six projects that had applied for funds.  The pension project also receives small grants from private foundations, and its office is provided by Women's Support. Lagomarcino is looking for alternate funding sources that can keep the project going through early next year.

Source/more:  St Louis Post-Dispatch,

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