Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Part D blues

I came across this poem today and, while it's been out there for a while, I thought it was worth posting:

Blue and 82
By Selma Calnan

I never thought I’d live to see, 
A plan as bad as Medicare D,
a plan endorsed by AARP
when hatched and passed in 2003.
Yet here we’re stuck in 2006
with something Congress cannot fix
a crazy plan that seems content
with Administrative encirclement.
I phoned and phoned the whole day through
and reached-- at last--the chirpy crew
that works from script and cannot stray
from what they have been trained to say
I asked ‘her’ name to note the scene.
He answered “Justin,--I’m nineteen!”

©July 2006 by Selma Calnan


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