Thursday, September 27, 2007

EPA features website on environmental health and aging

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Aging Initiative website contains a wealth of information about the Agency’s efforts to protect the environmental health of older persons.

On the website ( you can learn more about the Aging Initiative’s ongoing work and the development of a National Agenda for the Environment and the Aging.

 The website also contains a number of fact sheets including:

  1. Age Healthier, Breathe Easier
  2. Building Healthy Communities for Active Aging
  3. Diabetes and Environmental Hazards
  4. Effective Control of Household Pests
  5. Environmental Hazards Weigh Heavy on the Heart
  6. “It’s Too Darn Hot” – Planning for Excessive Heat
  7. Water Works

And the following posters can be ordered from the website:

  1. It's Never Too Late To be SunWise
  2. Beat the Heat
  3. Age Healthier, Breathe Easier

Courtesy Ellen Klem of the ABA's Commission on Law and Aging

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