Sunday, September 30, 2007

Arizona to establish Office of Aging

Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano has opened a state Office of Aging to coordinate the efforts of various agencies dealing with issues facing the state's fast-growing population of seniors.  "Aging Arizonans have the right to live independently and with dignity, and we want to help them do that," said Melanie Starns, tapped by Napolitano to direct the office.  Until now, the governor's office had relied solely on an advisory council to understand and respond to the state's changing demographics. "As we look forward, we have to take a proactive approach," Starns said.  The four-person office already is working on ways to protect seniors from identity theft and to ensure access to dental care, Starns said.  Its chief role is coordinating the work of 14 state agencies that deal with various issues facing the elderly. It also will deal with private agencies around Arizona that work directly with seniors.

Source/more:  Arizona Republic,

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