Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Ruth Marcus: We need a Clinton-McCain Social Security Commission

From the Washington Post:

Forget the Baker-Hamilton commission. I have high hopes for the Clinton-McCain Commission to Fix Social Security. Haven't heard of it? Actually, neither have Hillary Clinton and John McCain. It's my long-shot scheme for tackling the problem.

First, if not now, when? Third-rail political issues such as Social Security benefit from -- maybe even require -- divided government, to share the blame. They can't be touched in an election year. They're difficult to do during a president's first term, if he -- or she -- wants a second. So 2007 offers the last, best hope for some time.

Second, if not Social Security, then what? The political system right now is too broken, and relations between President Bush and congressional Democrats too frayed, to deal with the truly daunting entitlement issues, Medicare and Medicaid. Social Security is entitlement reform on training wheels.

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