Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Elder Law Clinic Replication Manual

Betsy Abramson has just completed a replication manual for those interested in starting an elder law clinic.  Betsy writes:

Thanks to a generous grant from the Helen Bader Foundation, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I recently completed an Elder Law Clinic Replication Manual, explaining how the University of Wisconsin developed and operated its medical site-based Elder Law Clinic from 2003-2005.  Helpful reviewers included fabulous elder law profs Jim Pietsch (Hawai'i), Becky Morgan (Stetson), Katherine Pearson (Dickinson at Penn) and Kate Mewhinney (Wake Forest), all of whom have or are continuing to operate great elder law clinics.  This manual describes the Wisconsin experience and has extensive Appendices of materials we used to recruit students, train students, do client outreach, case forms, templated documents and evaluations.  We recognize that how any particular Elder Law Clinic is run is dependent on many factors - including the culture of the law school, funding, other providers in the community (elder and non-elder, legal and non-legal), interest/expertise of the faculty.  Still, I hope that  as one model, of our law school's experience, parts of this might be helpful to you.  It's all available on a url hosted by the University of Wisconsin Law School.  The manual is online at

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