Wednesday, April 19, 2006

TOC Elder Law Journal 13:2, 2005


NO. 2, PP. 309-552, 2005.

Brown, Jeffrey R., Kevin A. Hassett and Kent Smetters.  Top ten myths of Social Security reform.  13 Elder L.J. 309-338 (2005).

Sperino, Sandra F.  Disparate impact or negative impact?:  The future of non-intentional discrimination claims brought by the elderly.  13 Elder L.J. 339-386 (2005).

Eltis, Karen. Predicating dignity on autonomy?  The need for future inquiry into the ethics of tagging and tracking dementia patients with GPS technology. 13 Elder L.J. 387-415 (2005).

Bohl, Kevin M. Note.  The resurrection of the death tax:  decoupling and the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001.  13 Elder L.J. 417-451 (2005).

Fay, Jessica A. Note.  Elderly electors go postal:  ensuring absentee ballot integrity for older voters.  13 Elder L.J. 453-487 (2005).

Jones, Catherine J.  Note.  Say what?  How the Patient Self-Determination Act leaves the elderly with limited English proficiency out in the cold. 13 Elder L.J. 489-518 (2005).

Podgor, Melinda F.  Note.  The inability of World War II atomic veterans to obtain disability benefits:  time is running out on our chance to fix the system.  13 Elder L.J. 519-552 (2005).

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