Friday, April 21, 2006

The latest from Kaiser Family Foundation


Fact Sheet on Massachusetts' Law to Cover the Uninsured
Massachusetts' plan to cover their uninsured population became law last week. It combines an individual mandate on the purchase of health insurance, with government subsidies to ensure affordability. A new fact sheet by the Foundation’s Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured (KCMU) summarizes the plan and its implications.

Reports Explore Long-Term Care Issues Included in the Deficit Reduction Act
The Foundation's KCMU released five new reports on long-term care issues that were addressed by the Medicaid changes in the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005. One report provides an overview of the changes to the rules and direction of Medicaid long-term care services, and the others examine changes to asset transfer rules to gain Medicaid coverage for nursing home care and efforts to move towards more home- and community-based Medicaid long-term care services.

Brief Examines How Much High Cost Enrollees Drive Medicaid Spending
This new brief from the Foundation's KCMU presents information on the distribution of Medicaid spending, finding that fewer than five percent of enrollees (each exceeding $25,000 in annual costs) account for almost half of all Medicaid spending.

Fact Sheet Summarizes Medicaid and SCHIP Eligibility Rules for Immigrants
A new fact sheet from the Foundation's KCMU provides an overview of the current rules on immigrants' eligibility for Medicaid and the State Children's Health Insurance Program.

KaiserEDU Adds New Tutorials on Congress and Health Policy and Disability Care
A new narrated slide tutorial by Sheila Burke, Deputy Secretary and COO of the Smithsonian Institution and Kaiser Family Foundation Board Chair, addresses the role of Congress in formulating health policy. Burke, formerly executive dean of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and chief of staff to Senator Robert Dole, describes the major differences between the House and Senate, the key committees involved in the development of health policy and some "Rules of the Road" for those who plan to get involved in Congressional policy-making. The Disability Care tutorial, by Jeff Crowley of Georgetown University’s Health Policy Institute, provides an overview of policy issues relating to access to health care and information on the types and prevalence of disabilities in the U.S., the major health care financing mechanisms and the interaction of the Medicaid program with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Directory of Health Policy Fellowships has been updated with new listings for undergraduates, graduate students, and professionals searching for summer, school-year, or post-doctoral positions. is an online resource for faculty and students from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

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