Saturday, April 29, 2006

More Part D mistakes courtesy CMS

The MInneapolis Star-Tribune reports today:

The [Medicare Part D] program is passing out bad information on penalties for late enrollment in the drug plan...millions of older Americans who miss the May 15 enrollment deadline for the new drug benefit will pay a higher penalty than they're being told about by federally financed counselors.

And the counselors know it, but say they can't give out correct information because they are required to offer only information approved by Medicare, and Medicare got it wrong -- and still has it wrong on its website.

Advocacy groups have also passed on the incorrect formula.

One such group is the Minnesota Senior Federation. "We didn't need this," said Janine Stiles of the Senior Federation, which included the mistake in its 2006 Health Care Choices booklet. "People already are overwhelmed."

Read the rest of this story in today's Strib.

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