Friday, July 22, 2005

Not elder law: new cycling world 1-hour record

With so much attention focused on the Tour De France, you might have missed this big story from the world of cycling.  From Velo News:

Czech rider Ondrej Sosenka set a new world hour cycling record at the Krylatskoye Olympic indoor track on Tuesday, Russian cycling federation deputy president Yury Kucheryavy told AFP. 

Sosenka covered a distance of 49.700km, beating British cyclist Chris Boardman's mark of 49.441km, set in 2000 in Manchester, England. 

The Czech rider was under Boardman's record from the outset, recording a time of 1:15.01 (to 1:17.891) for the opening kilometer. He went through the 5km point over three seconds up, and by 25km had extended his advantage to just under seven seconds. This continued to grow to 18 seconds by 40km. 

The 29-year-old Acqua e Sapone rider is a time-trial specialist. The current Czech TT champion, he won the prologue of the Uniqa Classic and the stage 4 time-trial in the Tour of Belgium this season. He also is a past winner of the Tour of Poland and the Tour of Slovakia.

Editor's note:  Riders in this event are required to use old-time technology approximately equivalent to that used by Eddie Meryxx in 1972.

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