Tuesday, July 26, 2005

How soon we forget: Post-Schiavo interest in living wills wanes

The Cincinnati Post reports:

In the months following the highly publicized family feud over the life and death of Terry Schiavo, interest in living wills seems to have faded in Greater Cincinnati after an initial surge. "I would say the interest has probably completely died down. Anyone who was motivated (by the Schiavo case) has probably taken care of it, or it's on the back burner again," said attorney Matt Darpel, of Fort Mitchell, who prepares living wills and handles estate law and financial planning.

Ed:  In some states, the lack of an advance directive means that courts will necessarily become involved in medical decisionmaking.  In others, surrogate decision-maker statutes establish the priority of various family members and others who will be empowered to make those decisions.

For more information, see NELN.org's advance directives information.


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