Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Journal of Mental Health and Aging

JmhaJournal of Mental Health and Aging, Volume 9, Number 1

Table of Contents, Vol. 9, Issue 1


End-of-Life Issues for Caregivers of Individuals With
Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias

    Donna Cohen, PhD


Developing a Complex Theory for Suicide Research:
Suicidology's Challenge for the 21st Century

    Donna M. Weinreich, PhD

The Impact of Caregiving for a Relative With Alzheimer's Disease:
A Comparison of Those Caring for Persons Living Alone,
Spousal Caregivers, and Co-Resident Adult Children

    Carole B. Cox, PhD, and Kara Albisu, MSW

Perceptions of Resident Behavior Problems and
Their Clinical Management in Long Term Care Facilities

    Kevin Brazil, PhD, Adrianne Hasler, BA, Carrie McAiney, PhD,
    Cathy Sturdy-Smith, MSc, and Maureen Tettman, BA

Health-Related Quality of Life Among Older Adults With
Activity-Limiting Health Conditions

    Kelli L. Dominick, PhD, Frank M. Ahern, PhD,
    Carol H. Gold, PhD, and Debra A. Heller, PhD

The Relative Utility of Four Abridged Versions
of the Zarit Burden Interview

    Norm O'Rourke, PhD, and Holly A. Tuokko, PhD

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